LiFePO4 aku PowerBrick + Bt 12V/135Ah Bluetooth´iga

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LiFePO4 aku PowerBrick + Bt 12V/135Ah Bluetooth´iga

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LiFePO4 aku PowerBrick + Bt 12V/135Ah Bluetooth´iga

Key Points
Battery 12V-135Ah «Smart BT» – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 – LFP)
Nominal voltage : 12.8V
Stored Energy : 1.73 KWh
Energy Density : 186.82 Wh / L
New high performance sealed cylindrical cell
3000 cycles at 100% DoD @ 1C (see chart tab)
4500 cycles at 80% DoD @ 1C (see chart tab)
98% energy efficiency
Weight : 13.0Kg
Dimensions : 260mm x 168mm x 212mm
Instant peak discharge current : 800A ±30A (max 300mS)
Continuous discharge current : 135A (1.73kW)
Peak discharge current (< 30s) : 200A (2.56kW) Maximum continuous charge current : 70A High safety with advanced Built-in Battery Management System Monitoring of cell and PCB temperature, current, voltage, cell balancing, etc. 100% Maintenance free Serial assembly can range from 12V to 48V (up to 4 items in series) Parallel assembly up to 16 items (12V-2160Ah / 27.6kWh) Robust design in an insulated and waterproof casing (IP65) Operating temperature in charge : 0°C ? +60°C Operating temperature in discharge: -20°C ? +60°C Sealed case (protection index : IP65) CE, RoHS and UN38.3 certification 2 years commercial warranty as standard, extendable to 5 years Aku 12V-135Ah «Smart BT» – liitiumraudfosfaat (LiFePO4 – LFP) Nimipinge: 12,8V Salvestatud energia: 1,73 kWh Energiatihedus: 186,82 Wh / L Uus suure jõudlusega suletud silindriline element 3000 tsüklit 100% DoD @ 1C juures (vt diagrammi vahekaarti) 4500 tsüklit 80% DoD juures @ 1C (vt diagrammi vahekaarti) 98% energiatõhusus Kaal: 13,0 kg Mõõdud: 260 mm x 168 mm x 212 mm Hetkeline tipplahendusvool: 800A ±30A (max 300mS) Pidev tühjenemisvool: 135A (1,73kW) Tipplahendusvool (< 30 s): 200A (2,56 kW) Maksimaalne pidev laadimisvool: 70A Kõrge ohutus tänu täiustatud sisseehitatud akuhaldussüsteemile Elementide ja PCB temperatuuri, voolu, pinge, elementide tasakaalustamise jms jälgimine. 100% hooldusvaba Jadakomplekt võib ulatuda 12 V kuni 48 V (kuni 4 eset järjestikku) Paralleelne kokkupanek kuni 16 eset (12V-2160Ah / 27,6kWh) Tugev disain isoleeritud ja veekindlas korpuses (IP65) Töötemperatuur laadimisel: 0°C ? +60°C Töötemperatuur väljalaskmisel: -20°C ? +60°C Suletud korpus (kaitseindeks: IP65) CE, RoHS ja UN38.3 sertifikaat Standardne 2-aastane kaubanduslik garantii, mida saab pikendada 5 aastani Major advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate: Very safe and secure technology (No Thermal Runaway) Very low toxicity for environment (use of iron, graphite and phosphate) Calendar life > 10 ans
Cycle life : from 2000 to several thousand (see chart below)
Operational temperature range :up to 70°C
Very low internal resistance. Stability or even decline over the cycles.
Constant power throughout the discharge range
Ease of recycling
Life-cycle ofLithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4)
Lithium Iron Phosphate technology is that which allows the greatest number of charge / discharge cycles. That is why this technology is mainly adopted in stationary energy storage systems (self-consumption, Off-Grid, UPS, etc.) for applications requiring long life.

The actual number of cycles that can be performed depends on several factors:
Quality of Lithium Cell
Level of power in C-Rate (1C rate means full discharge or charge in 1 hour, 2C is the same but in half an hour)
Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Operational environment : temperature, humidity, etc.
Below chart shows the estimated number of cycles for our Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells (LFP, LiFePO4) according to the discharge power and DOD figures. The test conditions are those of a laboratory (constant temperature of 25 ° C, constant charge and discharge power ).

Mõõtmed 260,000 × 212,000 × 168,000 mm